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When many think about taking the leap from Corporate America into full-time entrepreneurship, it can be a scary idea. However, when Tamara Gooch left and embarked on her entrepreneurship journey, it wasn’t about her at all. She envisioned building a legacy for her children, children’s children, and helping others take the leap and reach new heights in their journey to lifestyle, time, and financial freedom.  What makes Tamara a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace is the fact that her ultimate success is strategically tied to the success of those she works with. Unlike most Master Certified Coaches who build and strategize from the sidelines, her clients walk away from each session with clarity around their next step in life and business. Moreover, they learn who their target market is and how to generate recurring revenue- but they also gain a heightened sense of confidence in their abilities.

“Tamara knew she tapped into an innate ability that was so desperately needed.”

After publishing her first book in 2012, then, it landed in the right hands to be mentioned on NPR, which led to multiple speaking engagements, & facilitating workshops, Tamara knew she’d tapped into an innate ability that she – and the world around her – so desperately needed. She authored multiple interactive self-help workbooks, co-authored four bestselling anthologies, and one international bestseller with great literary greats of all calibers. Her work has also been featured in Black Couples Getaway Magazine, Self-Care Magazine, various other online magazines, and blogs such as Mom Life Happy Life, Redefining Mom Blog & WIC (Women, Infants & Children) Blog.

Realizing that the true definition of success varies based on the interpretation of one’s vision. Tamara has committed herself to help other women, particularly moms seeking to eradicate clutter, gain clarity, optimize productivity, and build a profitable online business. She is doing so w/o sacrificing freedom, time with family, and most importantly self!  

Tamara is on a strategic mission to alleviate generational poverty with her advanced programs & courses. These programs yield a rinse and repeat proven system that helps her clients produce products and services and provides a much-needed jolt to the overall state of the economy.

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